ICSU is staffed with a full-time Guidance Counselor, who provides a variety of services for students in Grades 6 - 12.

Some duties of the guidance office are:

  • Meet with students to provide information about colleges and career choices.
  • Scheduling classes for each student, ensuring that each student is selecting courses that meet graduation requirements, challenge yet do not overwhelm the student, and prepare the student to pursue the post-secondary education of his or her choice.
  • Providing college preparation for juniors and seniors through the use of the College Board’s College Education program.
  • Administering the PSAT/NMSQT to all sophomores and juniors each fall.
  • Supervision of SAT I and II testing services at ICSU in November and May each school year.

Helpful Links for Students & Parents:

Preparation Tests

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College Rankings

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International Christian School Uijeongbu

In order to be eligible for admission, at least one of the applicant’s parents must be (1) a foreign national (foreign passport holder) or (2) if the applicant’s parents are both Korean nationals, the applicant (child) must have lived outside of Korea for at least 1095 days (three years). To enroll in Kindergarten, a child must be international age five (60 months) by September 30 of the academic year of entrance.

Other criteria considered within these categories include:

1. English language ability
2. Academic records
3. Extracurricular activities
4. Record of positive conduct

Complete the application form and submit with accompanying documents to the school office. Required documents include:

1. Completed application

2. Photocopy of passport title page

3. Complete immunization records

4. Complete school records from a previous school (in English, and please include standardized tests scores)

ICSU allows returning students to register from 1 March through 15 April. After 15 April, the school will contact applicants if space is available in the grade level the applicant is seeking to attend. Feel free to contact the school after the 15 April deadline if you are applying as a new student.

ICSU will contact the parents if an English language test is necessary. A fee of 50,000 KRW will be charged for the English language test. The fee will be deducted from the registration fee, if the child is successfully enrolled in the school. An interview with the parents and child will be scheduled after scoring the test.

ICSU does not discriminate against students on the basis of national, ethnic, or racial origin. The school respects the religious preferences of parents and students; however, all classroom instruction is in the context of the stated Christian doctrinal position of the school. The school maintains the right to refuse admission to students not meeting the school’s academic requirements or to students displaying a lack of willingness to meet the school’s code of conduct.

ICSU is registered with the Korean government as a foreign school. All students enrolling at ICSU will be assigned to a classroom after consultation with parents. Any grade placement prior to receipt of school records is tentative.

All students not submitting test scores of recent standardized achievement tests may be required to take a school-administered achievement test.

All classes have limited enrollment. Qualified students will be accepted based upon the order of their registration in conjunction with the students academic achievement. Returning students are given preference in enrollment up to a given date. When the limit of enrollment of the class has been reached, qualified students will be placed on a waiting list.

Kindergarten for 5-year olds is offered. Children enrolling in the K-5 program must be the international age of five years before 1 October of the same year. ICSU reserves the right to deny admission based on social and emotional maturity.

Students entering first grade must be the international age of 6 years by 1 October of the year enrolled. To enter first grade, a student must clearly demonstrate readiness skills for learning to read. Students will be tested to determine placement in first grade.

Students having difficulty with the English language may be placed in the ESL program, (English as a Second Language). The level of ESL placement will be determined by the placement tests. There is an additional fee for ESL support. This fee is dependent upon the degree to which the student is proficient in English.

ICSU is not a boarding school. No student may attend lCSU without a responsible guardian living with the student. The school must be notified and approval granted for the arrangement of any designated guardian that is not a parent, before the student will be accepted at ICSU. The Korean Ministry of Education requires official documentation showing the connection between a child and their parents/guardian. Any student violating this policy will suffer disciplinary action and possible expulsion from the school.

Every student is on probation for the first nine weeks the student is in school.

For further inquiries please email: contact@icsu.asia



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International Christian School Uijeongbu

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For the 2017-2018 school year, based on current enrollment and on those new students who have indicated they will enroll at ICSU, we project the following openings for students holding Korean passports:

ICSU is limited by the Korean Ministry of Education to a maximum of 30% enrollment coming from Korean citizens (students must have lived outside of Korea for a minimum of 1095 days - 3 years).




In April, parents will be able to reserve a space for their children in the 2017-2018 school year.


We will assist you in the admissions process, including a tour of the school and an opportunity to meet with the Head of School. Throughout the admissions process, you may contact the ICSU Admissions Officer, Ms. Claire Woo,
at +82.31.855.1276 or

Parents are notified of the acceptance or rejection of an application. Enrollment is finalized once the $1,200 USD registration fee has been paid in full, for new applicants. For returning students, the registration fee is $900 USD.

For further inquiries please email: contact@icsu.asia

2017-2018 Enrollment/Re-enrollment

The following documents are "First Drafts" and will change before Enrollment/Re-enrollment is completed on 30 April.


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