‍‍ What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a voluntary activity initiated by a school that requires a rigorous self-evaluation and an independent, objective appraisal of the overall educational quality by peers. Accreditation emphasizes quality assurance and a commitment to continuous quality enhancement. ICSU is accredited by two organizations: 1. Western Association of Schools and Colleges and 2. Association of Christian Schools International. To achieve accreditation by legitimate accreditation organizations (there are fake accreditation organizations), an institution must:
• Comply with rigorous standards;
• Develop and implement an Institutional Effectiveness Plan;
• Undergo an annual review of its financial stability, retention and placement rates; and
• Undergo announced and unannounced site visits.

Why is Accreditation Important?

Accreditation is important because it:

  • Helps determine if a school meets or exceeds minimum standards of quality.
  • Helps students determine acceptable schools for enrollment.
  • Assist schools in determining acceptability of transfer credits.
  • Helps colleges and universities determine the validity of programs of study and whether a high school graduate is acceptable. Colleges and universities often require evidence that high school graduates have received a degree from an accredited high school.
  • Involves staff, faculty, students, graduates, and advisory boards in school evaluation and planning.
  • Creates goals for school self-improvement.

You can find schools that are inexpensive and easy to join, but be very careful that your child is enrolled in a legitimate school. U.S., Canadian, and European universities will check to see if the high school from which your child graduates is a legitimate school that is fully accredited. Don't invest years of education and thousands of dollars in schools that don't matter and don't help your child in college acceptance.


Accreditation is Critical for Credible Schools. Accreditation helps determine if an institution meets or exceeds minimum standards of quality. Accreditation helps students determine acceptable institutions for enrollment. Accreditation assist institutions in determining acceptability of transfer credits.

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